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Comprehensive Eye Examinations


Nearly 50 Years of Excellence and Innovation

MICRA Instruments (UK) was founded in 1971 by Jack Hoskins, a PE and Dermot Pierce, a Consultant Ophthalmologist and President of the Royal College of Ophthalmic Surgeons (UK). With the introduction of the operating microscope, MICRA pioneered the use of titanium to produce high quality, precision hand held instruments. These instrument designs are the basis for today's products.

Titanium is the ideal material for fine precision instruments used in today's micro surgical procedures because of its lightweight (2/3 stainless steel), non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-magnetic properties. Many MICRA instruments incorporate tungsten carbide coated tips to provide the hard yet firm and delicate grip necessary for today's delicate techniques. MICRA's original non-glare blue finish is emulated today by most of MICRA's titanium competitors. 

From 1974-1984 MICRA, along with Drukker (DeBeers), developed the diamond knife/scalpel to allow surgeons to divide tissue with micro precision with minimal tissue trauma. MICRA received the Industrial Innovation Award in 1984 for the creation of the diamond blade and was the first company to produce a surgical titanium diamond knife! 

More recently, MICRA (USA) has expanded MICRA's business to include refractive lasers and keratomes and is supported by a sales and marketing team of experienced US and international professionals. MICRA has distributors in more than 50 countries and has supply agreements with many major multinational corporations, such as J&J, Alcon, Bausch & Lomb (Chiron), CibaVision, Opthalmed, Corneal, and Pharmacia Upjohn.

MICRA continues to develop, improve, and create new products for the medical profession and is the quality standard for titanium instruments, products, and service.

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