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As microsurgical techniques become more sophisticated, greater demands are made on the instruments to complement the skill of the surgeon. The MICRA range of titanium microsurgical instruments has been developed by surgeons in association with specialist technicians from appropriate engineering disciplines. Absolute precision, high strength, durability and light weight are the prerequisites. Total quality of manufacture is the objective.

MICRA has pioneered the use of titanium as the most effective material for microsurgical instruments. It is only two-thirds the weight of stainless steel, yet is harder and stronger. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-magnetic and can be sterilized by all known techniques.

MICRA titanium instruments feature tungsten carbide coated tips. The surface comprises smoothly rounded particles, slightly uneven and very hard. This provides a firm interlocking grip for optimum security when undertaking delicate surgical techniques, even when a viscous medium is being used. Forceps with coated tips may be used with confidence to hold delicate tissue with minimal trauma.

Diamond blades have been developed to provide surgeons with the means to divide tissue with microscopic precision while causing minimal trauma to surrounding tissue. The atomic lattice of a diamond is the strongest known, allowing cutting edges to be polished to the finest tolerances possible – at least 30 times sharper than the best steel edges.

All MICRA titanium instruments are anodized in a distinctive non-glare blue finish. The confidence with which they can be manipulated, combined with their lightweight, contributes significantly to reduced fatigue for the surgeon during extended procedures.

Rigorous quality control, innovative design, and a continual product development program gives MICRA titanuim microsurgical instruments the competitive edge.

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